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Principal, AUDANICO Communications Strategies, LLC


Audrey D. Nicoleau is a results-driven Strategic Communications Specialist with a sharp understanding of the intersection between organizational structures, public policy and media. Audrey has significant experience shaping U.S. domestic and foreign policy, developing and maintaining transnational public-private partnerships, curating content for digital social media/networking platforms and crafting strategic messaging outreach/awareness campaigns for government officials and agencies, non-profits, businesses, foundations and higher learning institutions.

Through her strategies, Audrey has advanced issues that have changed national discourse and effected social and political change. In her capacity as an adviser to senior members of the U.S. Congress, Audrey routinely designed/implemented rapid response media outreach and built strategic partnerships with stakeholders which resulted in high profile visibility for her employers. Audrey has also flexed her journalistic aptitude in several media forums by explaining the median of race, politics, social justice and policies and their impact to targeted stakeholders.

Audrey’s research and publications focus on: democratization and globalization theory, geopolitics, U.S. immigration policy and its impact on diaspora groups, national/international security and cooperation, legislative exchanges, global demographic shifts, conflict resolution, workforce development, recidivism reduction, rule of law, governance and diplomacy.

Audrey holds a M.A. in Government (concentration in Political Communication and International Development) from Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. in Political Science and History (concentration in International Relations and Organizational Theory) from Florida’s public honors college, New College of Florida. Audrey’s undergraduate and graduate theses both focused on Haiti’s political history and the socio-economic and political dynamics of the Haitian Diaspora, particularly in the U.S.