Ms. Saint-Armand is a rising senior at Harvard College passionate about public service, nonprofit organization management, and developing and mentoring youth leaders in the Haitian Diaspora. She is a Social Studies concentrator (major) with a focus field in Colonialism and Development in the Caribbean. Born in Haiti and raised in a large immigrant community in New York, she is currently conducting a project on immigrant youth and their experiences of assimilation to understand how media portrayals of immigrants and government policies toward immigrants shape identity choices. This summer, Ketsia will be conducting further research on Haitian immigration to the United States under the guidance of Professor Vincent Brown.

While at Harvard, Ketsia has served on the board of the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, the Harvard Haitian Alliance, and on the board of the National Haitian Student Alliance, recently organizing their annual conference in New Orleans. She also took a leave of absence from 2012-3 to work with Haiti Cultural Exchange, a cultural organization that works to promote Haitian culture in New York.