Volunteer Coordinator


My name is Ricaphène Lima and I am a 25 year old Haitian-American. I currently reside in Somerville, MA with my two hardworking Haitian immigrant parents. Growing up, I had always had a passion for speaking up about social and international matters especially concerning our homeland Ayiti. Politics has been an integral part of me since the day my dad taught me that everything in life is political. My parents have instilled in me many great values such as success, perseverance and the power of determination.

I am striving to become a positive agent for the people around me and to represent my culture. After attending college, I have gained so many invaluable information thats has pushed me to later further my education in international development. Having been born in Gonaives, Haiti, It has made me so grateful for the opportunity to be able to pursue greater achievements every obstacle that I have faced. Being able to be passionate about issues that I care about has allowed me to stay grounded.