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By Grace, Corp is helping the children of Mare Rouge through the Haiti Education Fund


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By Grace, Corp is a nonprofit that aids the children of Mare Rouge, Haiti in obtaining education and also focuses on community development. Through the Haiti Education Fund, 20 students will be sponsored during the 2017-2018 school year. The cost to sponsor each child is $150, this provides the student with a faith-based education, uniforms, and learning materials. Teaching takes place at the College Evangelique Bethesda de Mare Rouge which is an extension of L’eglise Baptiste de Mare Rouge. There is a primary and secondary school for about 500 children ages 3-18.

Although the population of Mare Rouge is close to 20,000 By Grace, Corp hopes to increase the number of children who are able to attend school through their efforts. In the next three to five years the organization hopes to double the number of students they sponsor each year, although they want to personally impact the lives of each child they come across, they try to be as realistic as possible.

The organization is in its grassroots phase and administrative duties take up most of its time but within a very short time By Grace looks forward to allocating their time to fundraising and marketing. In fact one of their success stories includes a boy named Rodney who at the time was seventeen years old, his mother had recently passed away, his father was never in his life, and he was living in a small shack with his (barely) older brother. His brother worked at the local bread shop to be able to support their family, while Rodney went to school in hopes of a better future. The founder; Sandy decided that year that she would sponsor the education of Rodney so that he could hopefully one day cycle out of poverty – and to help alleviate the financial difficulties of his brother. Upon returning the following year, Rodney had written them a note that said “When my mother died, I didn’t think anyone would ever take care of us again until you came along. I can never repay you for what you’ve done for my family, but I know God will.” Rodney’s brother has since moved away, and he is now the head of the household with his younger brother. He’s on track to graduate, and the organizations relent that it is such a privilege to be able to support his education each year.

Learn more about By Grace, Corp at hopebygrace.org. Connect with By Grace, Corp on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Rivly Breus

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