NAAHP offers exclusive access to special savings on various goods and services.  Details on all of our membership benefits are available by contacting NAAHP membership at:

Becker Professional Education

NAAHP has partnered with Becker Professional Education to provide our members more than  $300.00 discounts on their CPA review course.  Becker is the leader in preparing accounting professionals around the world for U.S. CPA Exam review.  This partnership with Becker is enabling our members with accounting background to take opportunity of all the resources Becker has to offer in order to advance their careers in accounting and Finance.  Becker offers flexible schedules such as: traditional classes, online classes and self-study.  Also, visit Becker’s website: for more details.

Becker NAAHPMemberBeckerLetter to NAAHP members.

Avis Car Rental

NAAHP members receive discounts on car rentals from Avis.  Discounts range from 10% to 15%.

Bell Curves LLC

Bell Curves

NAAHP has partnered with Bell Curves LLC to provide our members to 10% discount for any publicly offered course or tutoring for any test.

Boost eLearning

Boost eLearning supports the members of National Association for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals with an offer of 20% discount on all courses in the Boost eLearning IT Library through the end of February 2016. Please email for discount codes. After February the discount year round will be 5% off all purchases. For details on the learning/certification programs offered by boostelearning please visit