What is NAAHP’s Commit to Act Initiative?

This initiative was brought about by a need to take the ideas and wonderful insight shared at our conferences and put them into ACTion. NAAHP wanted to be sure that we take an active and more measurable role in creating a system which one can work within and be provided the support and the network needed to keep the momentum gained from the conference going. NAAHP understands that action is how things happen and we want to take our responsibility in creating an environment that supports our stance.

Will you Commit to ACT today?


The 5 Different Commitments:

  • Ambassador: Serve as a liaison between the organization and Haitian community members. You are the face of NAAHP in your community and your goal is to make sure they know our mission and get involved.
  • Catalyst: Serve as doers. Either you came up with, or may already be doing the work, related to an idea that was addressed at the conference. This can be by starting an organization, parting with an organization, adding an additional aspect to your organization or providing a service that is organized and systemic that addresses diaspora issues.
  • Researcher: You are the thought leaders in our communities. You write and also publish your work. You conduct research that is relevant/related to issues in Haiti.
  • Community Organizer: You are the game changers. You keep the community informed on what is taking place. You help to organize efforts to maximize impacts. You are up-to-date on current events. You hold events/ gatherings that engage the community civically and professionally. You volunteer at localities and are a prominent face in the community.
  • Funding Partner: Serve as members of our giving circle. You make financial contributions that help go towards NAAHP programming. You are invited to assist in programming efforts as well as to encourage others to take an active philanthropic role in NAAHP. You will be updated regularly as progress takes place.

The Incentives: Those who begin to ACT will be featured on NAAHP website and social media sites and newsletter (has a reach of over 10,000 people). This will help to bring attention to the wonderful work you are doing. We will continuously boast about you and lift you up.

The support you will receive: We will send you information both through our postings on our website and social media. So get connected, if you aren’t, to receive constant updates.
We will connect you to people who will assist you in helping to fulfil your commitment. The work you do can be used on your resume and we will be happy to serve as references for formidable work.

Check-Ins/ Follow- ups: We will follow up every 2-3 months to see where you are in your commitment. A group of specialized individuals will help you every step of the way. You will have their contact information to use throughout the year for guidance.

Conference Update: For the conference of the following year, we will do a brief presentation on the progress made by all of our catalyst agents. We will present data on how participants ACTions directly impacted the Haitian community. Another round of commitments shall ensue for the following year.
To learn and stay updated on our new Commit to Act Initiative CLICK HERE!

For more question about this initiative please email us.