NAAHP’S mentorship program works in conjunction with the SAT Prep program to provide all-inclusive services that will help eligible students confidently navigate from the college application process through college and financial aid application assistance. NAAHP pairs high school students with experienced professionals who serve as mentors that help explore college options as they relate to personal career goals and aspirations. There is a particular focus and emphasis on easing student transition into college upon completing high school. Core elements of the program center on personal development, positive peer pressure and paving pathways to success.

NAAHP has adopted the following two mentoring methods:

One-On-One Mentoring

The most common mentoring model NAAHP uses is one-on-one mentoring, where we match one mentor with one mentee. This model allows both mentor and mentee to develop a personal relationship with individualized attention focused on the mentee.

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring requires a mentor to work with 4-6 similarly situated mentees throughout the relationship. The group meets periodically to discuss various topics, while being a consistent and engaged support system for one another.

Applicants selected to participate in the program are placed into one of the two mentorship models depending on specific needs that must be met. Placement decisions incorporate feedback and recommendations received by the mentorship committee. Mentees must undergo a multistep process, which will include interviews, to ensure the best possible match.