SAT Prep Programs

NAAHP’s SAT Prep and MentorMatch programs connect minority high school students with mentors that will help them improve academic performance, increase high school graduation rates, and raise college enrollment.

NAAHP’s SAT Prep program targets at-risk students who seek to enhance their analytical and cognitive reasoning abilities in preparation for college entrance exams. In partnership with Princeton Review – one of the most reputable SAT Prep institutions in the country – NAAHP primarily administers this carefully designed program in school districts with a high population of students from disadvantaged, low income backgrounds that need significant help developing and executing effective test-taking strategies. The SAT Prep Program is free of charge to students and is fully subsidized by NAAHP through generous donations and grants received from foundations and city governments.

The ultimate goals of this program are as follows:

  1. Increase the number of college applicants from underperforming school districts.
  2. Provide a measurable increase in reading speed and comprehension, while simultaneously improving writing and critical thinking skills.
  3. Inspire and reinforce self-confidence among students through mentorship and professional development activities.

Why should students enroll in NAAHP’s SAT Prep Program?

The college admissions process can be very complex and frustrating, especially when you have low SAT scores. NAAHP’s SAT Prep program provides students with the necessary skills to become competitive job candidates through one-on-one coaching that helps them with the process of completing college and financial aid applications. Students even undergo mock interviews.

Through partnerships with admissions officers from the nation’s top colleges and universities, NAAHP helps students gain a competitive edge by building key relationships with these admissions officers who are able to share crucial insight on the academic expectations of their respective institutions.

How the program is funded?

The Scholarship Prep program is funded by our corporate partners, individual donors and membership fees. NAAHP welcomes your generous contribution to the longevity and success of this program for the betterment of our most vulnerable communities. Your donation will ensure that we continue to do our part to meet the needs of students want to succeed academically and professionally.

For information about sponsorship opportunities, contact NAAHP at: sponsorship[at]

If you have experience working with test prep programs/companies and would like to volunteer your time and talent with NAAHP, please call us at (877) 627-6247 or send an email to volunteer[at]