Annual National Conference

The purpose of NAAHP conferences is to bring together Haitian professionals from across the nation to discuss issues that impact their communities in the U.S, Haiti and beyond. More specifically, our conference panels and workshops focus on a variety of topics, including advocacy, investment, public health, education, agriculture, trade, business, tourism, professional advancement and other areas where Haitian communities are significantly impacted.

NAAHP organizes this annual conference in an effort to keep Haitian communities informed and engaged by remaining connected and constantly communicating in order to solidify our role in creating a collective positive impact. Each year, NAAHP strives to consistently cover innovative and progressive topics. We are a forward-looking organization that consistently seeks to take everything we do a step further.

During the conference, we hold interactive seminars, workshops, panel discussions and debates to increase participation and learning of all those who attend. We invite expert speakers from their respective fields – both in the U.S and Haiti – to impart their knowledge and equip the Haitian Diaspora with the tools needed to tackle the various challenges ahead.

Toward the end of the conference, there is a special meet and greet session in which all attendees have the opportunity to network  and share their ideas, ask questions to the speakers to gain deeper understanding or even begin to brainstorm on joint collaborative efforts that will bring mutual benefit to Haiti and its diaspora.

NAAHP firmly believes that in strengthening the Diaspora we thereby strengthen Haiti. We dare others to imagine the possibilities that can come from inspiring each other to create positive and sustained impact.

The NAAHP conference website is continuously being updated with new information, learn more by clicking here.