Haitian Diaspora Engagement and Advocacy

Policymakers increasingly recognize the value that diaspora populations bring to development efforts in their homeland – not just in sending remittances, but also as sources of human capital advocating on issues of interest as well as direct and indirect (capital market) investments.

Governments facilitate such contributions in several ways, from creating conducive legal frameworks and diaspora-centered institutions, to initiating programs specifically targeting diaspora groups as agents of change in their home country’s social and economic development through integrated, broad-based strategies that receive consistent attention over time. Such strategies must be tailored to the unique context of each diaspora population.

Across the board, governments (of both origin and destination countries) and diasporas must work together to create a relationship of trust so they can identify mutual goals and create strategies for successful implementation. A key ingredient to the success of this type of transnational collaboration is a concerted effort to map the diaspora geographically and match various skillsets with the related needs and demands.

2015 Annual Conference

This year’s NAAHP Annual conference focuses on the interrelated themes of advocacy, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Following in the tradition of previous NAAHP conferences, this year’s conference seeks to bring the dominant thinkers on Haiti government development and civil society to advise on effective collaboration between governments and their diaspora. Panel discussions, debates and workshops will focus on the following:

  • Analyze professional advancement strategies that prepare students and professionals for a global workforce
  • Discuss a viable advocacy framework for governments from origin and destination countries to effectively collaborate with the Haitian Diaspora and NGOs for the improvement of Haiti’s social and economic development
  • Share knowledge of philanthropic and social entrepreneurship opportunities related to improved social and economic success for Haiti

The NAAHP conference website is continuously being updated with new information, learn more by clicking here.