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Reflections of My Haitian Pride


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By: Florian Alvarez

The expression of my Haitian pride can be clearly seen through my photography. I enjoy traveling around the country and get to know it better in search of a piece of landscape that has yet to be photographed. I help people discover through my photographs all the natural beauties Haiti possesses.

The journey between photography and I started about two years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera. It was really fascinating to be able to capture just about anything that came in front of my lens. However, I wanted to explore more possibilities, so I started to learn more. I can recall the countless hours spent watching tutorials on YouTube, and reading all the materials I could find to help me master my camera. I like to try various things with my photography, but what really gets me passionate is landscape photography.

Bassin Bleu, Jacmel, Haiti. South Department

Bassin Bleu, Jacmel, Haiti. South Department

It all came to me when I had that trip to the south of the country. I had a blast taking pictures of all sorts of landscapes (caves, beaches, mountains, etc.) that I could lay my eyes on. I started realizing how beautiful Haiti was by seeing all these beautiful things with my own eyes, and immortalizing the scenes with my camera.

That’s when I started to focus a little more on landscape photography. It allows me to travel around the country, and get to know it better. I like to discover a piece of landscape that has yet to be photographed, or to photograph it from my own perspective.

Top of the Peligre Dam, Haiti. On my way to the Central Department

Top of the Peligre Dam, Haiti. On my way to the Central Department

I like to visit a scene that may seem ordinary, banal or even “ugly” to some people, and get the best out of it with my camera. Sometimes, to do so I have to wake up at 4 in the morning, get my gear ready and settle on the beach just to catch a beautiful sunrise. It may sound crazy to some people, but upon seeing the final picture, it’s often not so crazy anymore. Of course sometimes it can be a complete failure, but that’s part of the process of creating something you like.

Saut D’eau, Haiti. In the Central Department

Saut D’eau, Haiti. In the Central Department

I joined the Réseau des Jeunes Ambassadeurs d’Haiti (Young Haitian Ambassadors Network) because I knew I would be able communicate with people through my photographs. Hence, I help promote a better image of Haiti though that social project. More of my pictures can be seen on: https://500px.com/florianave, and you can follow the national tour of  RJAH on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ReseauJeunesAmbassadeursHaiti/.


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