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Open Dialogue: A Discussion on Haiti’s Economic Outlook in an Era of Major Global COVID Challenges and, in Haiti, of Ongoing Political Crisis and Tense Preliminary Electoral Activity


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The year 2020 has seen extraordinary challenges inflicted upon the entire world community due to major uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aggravation of significant strain on the global economy and, for countries like the U.S., of deepened social strife. Haiti has not been spared by the complex global crisis, and Haitians inside the country and in the Diaspora are concerned regarding what lies ahead for their motherland in months ahead, when elections must be held to renew almost the entire roster of elected officials.

Discussion Topics

  • Haiti’s Economy and the Public Sector:
    • How have Haitian authorities shielded the economy in the face of the pandemic?
    • What are the country’s prospects for the short and middle terms, given persistently lackluster economic performance in a context of longstanding sociopolitical strife?
    • What to expect from the recent significant appreciation of the Haitian currency (the gourde) vis-à-vis the U.S. dollar?
    • What role for external partners (foreign governments and international organizations)?
  • Haiti’s Economy and the Private Sector:
    • Given the economic landscape described above, what prospects for Haiti’s private sector in terms of business expansion and job creation?
  • Haiti’s Civil Society and Diaspora:
    • What role for the Civil Society in Haiti in designing a long-term plan for sustainable development, social justice, and irreversible progress for the Haitian people?
    • What role for Haiti’s Diaspora in supporting such a plan with the significant human and material resources of Haitian men and women living abroad, the world over?
  • The Road Ahead (the Moderator’s wrap-up):
    • A new paradigm for a renewed Haitian society?

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