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The Haitian Community Living Abroad


Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Time: 6:30-8:00 PM EDT

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Haitian people are a resilient group who through adversity have remained steadfast in their pursuit of equality, educational empowerment, and economic independence. With flourishing communities outside of Haiti in New York, Florida, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and France, understanding how these communities outside of the homeland are built provides great insight into creating a home away from home. With increasing Haitian communities in countries like the Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, and Cuba recreating certain homeland elements and adapting to the local culture is a process that many have to navigate.

Join us for an in-depth conversation with immigrants, immigration experts, refugees, community leaders, and more to get a glimpse into the process of leaving home either by choice or by force and resettling in a foreign land. Having done that there is also the process of building a strong community in the new country in order to support one another and provide comfort to those who struggle to acclimate.

Topic Focus Areas

  • The Immigration Process
  • The difference Between Asylum Seekers, Refugee Status, and TPS
  • Acclimation and Adapting to New Life
  • Building a Community in New Territory
  • Motivations Behind Immigration (by Choice)
  • Hopes to Return or Visit the Homeland

Symposium Goals

The Virtual Symposium on the Haitians Living Abroad seeks to engage professionals in the immigration, legal, and social services industry to discuss what immigration looks like for those who had a choice and for those who did not. Other aspects take into consideration what it meant to leave behind the only home you knew, and coping with so many changes all at once. Topics that will be explored include cultural immersion, adapting to a new way of life, language learning, defining an identity, and fostering connections to build a sense of community.


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