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Marie Myka Texas, MS
Director of Member Services

I would like to wish all NAAHP members and prospective members a Happy New Year and thank you for your continuous support. We have a very exciting year ahead for our members where your involvement will be the key and main ingredient for our success.

As a professional organization one of our core values and objectives has been to provide a platform for networking opportunities. We are achieving this goal through several networking events at designated cities, as well as, through our annual conferences. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation and your support at these events. We promise to deliver even more this year!

You will soon receive a brief survey to help us assess and have your voices heard in our strategic plan for member services. As we begin this new year I am excited to announce that we are also starting a new chapter in NAAHP with direct focus on the professional development of our members.   The organization as a whole will be a champion of this initiative, which will be reflected in our monthly newsletter editions with a new “Career Conversation” section to uplift, boost and inspire your professional growth. In addition, we will partner with institutions that will offer amazing discounts on specialized professional training and certifications for our members. I look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing your feedback on how we can help you stay connected and immersed within NAAHP.

The love of serving my community is what has brought me to this organization.   The strong bond I have formed with this outstanding group of individuals is what has kept me.   What NAAHP means to the Haitian Diaspora is an inspiration to me as a Haitian professional and my commitment to giving back to my country.   I want to play a part leading the movement to build a stronger bridge between the diaspora and the Sustainable Development of Haiti. NAAHP is committed to investing in its staff and members by continuously providing opportunities within the organization — whether in leadership or any other areas of interests.  

This year we are counting on you. We encourage you to answer “yes,” and join this organization as a member or as part of the dedicated leadership team.   The fruits of your love and labor will be manifested in countless ways. And as we grow, so will you – in the upward ladder of success!

Marie Myka Texas

Director of Member Services

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National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals

NAAHP is focused on connecting a global community of peers with career advancement resources as well as fostering transformative relationships to strengthen Haiti through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

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