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Managing Editor

Dear Members and Friends,

Happy American & Haitian Mother’s Day! Happy First Communion! Happy Haitian Flag Day! Congratulations to all high school, college and university graduates. The world need you in unity; thank you for doing your part.

There is power in connecting, sharing ideas, and supporting one another. Long before us, we had forefathers like Toussaint who had people who believed in him. They supported his progress, thereby paving the way for that generation and for many generations globally.

We hope this issue will help you start thinking of your purpose, and perhaps start thinking of ways you can leverage yourself to help someone. After all, the art of giving is absolute; no one can take away the gift that keeps on giving. Think also of what “Haitian Flag Day” means to you.

Hopefully you signed up to attend the Women Symposium on May 18th at the UN Headquarters in NYC. If you have some time, also attend another event in honor of Haitian Heritage Month; you never know what you might learn.

Love our work? Frankly, we could not have done it without you! Rate and share our articles. Tell us how we are doing, or submit ideas at newsletter@naahpusa.org.

I look forward to hearing from you.


National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals

NAAHP is focused on connecting a global community of peers with career advancement resources as well as fostering transformative relationships to strengthen Haiti through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

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