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Nathalie Jeudy

Membership Coordinator, NAAHP

Nathalie Jeudy is a multilingual international development strategist dedicated to public service. She was born in Haiti but has spent most of her life in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana where she majored in International Business and received a Master of Science in International Development from Tulane Law School Payson Center. She always had a desire to learn how to help underprivileged communities become more efficient and profitable and has been a strong advocate for opportunity based development models that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. She has served various roles in corporate litigation, international trade policy, and local economic policy. She has worked on major projects with the World Trade Center of New Orleans(WTCNO), the New Orleans Export Assistance Center (USEAC), and the United Nations Development Program to name a few. Nathalie loves to travel and has completed field research on local economic development initiatives in Haiti, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Cuba.

She is currently living in Tampa, Florida working within public pension programs for the Federal Government. In addition to her day job, Nathalie is a language teacher at the Tampa Language Institute and volunteers a lot of her time to linguistic advocacy projects through Translators without Borders. She has recently founded her own language consultancy, JAYI strategy where she hopes to continue to use her communication skills to help facilitate international trade and business transactions. Nathalie loves bringing people together from all walks of life and has a zeal for projects that contribute to developing sustainable, inclusive and prosperous communities. When she is not working or volunteering, Nathalie enjoys outdoor activities, cooking up new recipes, and spending time with friends and family.