Sagine Zizi

Sagine Zizi is a young Haitian cultural entrepreneur, a Fashion Designer and CEO at Sazi Creations, who is also working as the Head of Operations at Carib World a Touristic company. She is a YLAI- Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Professional fellow and Ambassador, an entrepreneurship mentor at ProgrEs which is an entrepreneurship program for adolescents and the Founder of The America’s Fashion Fest. She has a bachelor degree in Diplomacy and a certificate in psychology from the Academie NationaleDiplomatique et consulaire, a certificate in entrepreneurship from YLAI entrepreneurship Institute and 3D startup, a certificate in leadership and management from Digicel university.

She is driven by her passion for fashion and by her desire to fulfill her dream; she has the discipline required for the entrepreneurial journey and loves helping others and sees herself as a contributor in the wellness of her motherland Haiti. She is an active member of her community and is always seeking to improve her community either through financial support, counseling.