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Top Six Reasons Why I Enjoy Working at Nonprofits


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Leading a nonprofit organization can be a very fulfilling experience. You get a chance to do what you love, alongside other people who are as passionate about the organization’s causes. I will share the top 6 reasons why I have enjoyed working with nonprofits.


I love seeing the growth that takes place in the people I work with, not simply in skillset, but in them as a human being. For example, you see them become more
sensitive to the needs of others, more conscious of how their behaviors impact those around them. It’s a beautiful thing to see people, including myself, working towards becoming their best selves, with purpose.

Cross-pollination of skills

There is usually more than enough work to go around. Multitasking produces a diverse set of skills, which can strengthen your specific role within the organization.

More space to be to creative and innovative

Nonprofits are the perfect breeding grounds for novel concepts. Due to the lack of resources, you have to wear many hats to achieve the quality level you desire. Subsequently, you can model future programs or projects on cost- effective alternatives.

Improved Critical Thinking

By having to invent solutions, you sharpen the ability to think, approach and solve problems. This skill, which I was able to hone in the nonprofit sector, has been very valuable to me in the for-profit sector as well.

Making life-long friends

You develop deep, lifelong relationships with people with a similar purpose. Those meaningful connections are rare, so when you find them, you usually want to keep those relationships forever.

Seeing your impact

Working at a nonprofit is about achieving something for the greater good by advancing a cause. Whenever you see the fruits of your work, and the direct impact it has on others, it makes all the hustle and bustle, the late nights, and the sleepless nights worth it. You get the opportunity to see, front row and center, the magical moment you fought to realize. It feels good and gives you the motivation that you need to be crazy enough to go through that process again and again.


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