Emmanuel Bellegarde

Lead Host and Founder of HaitiBound! Adventures

Emmanuel Bellegarde, a native of Port Au Prince, Haiti immigrated to the United States with his family at 10 years old. Like many who left Haiti at a young age, Haiti was barely mentioned and became a topic mainly when it was time to send money to family, news of turmoil and to attend a family milestone. For quite some time, Haiti was in the rearview mirror with fleeting thoughts of future visits.

A rushed visit to Haiti a few days after the 2010 earthquake changed everything. Immediately after receiving news of the devastating earthquake that claimed more than 250,000 lives, Emmanuel reached out to his network of friends in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to help with recovery efforts. They traveled to serve as translators on medical missions and returned to Haiti a few months later with Tents and medical supplies.

Emmanuel continued to play an integral role in organizing several mission trips to different parts of Haiti months after the earthquake. The outpouring of support and interest in Haiti from the international community re-ignited Emmanuel’s passion for his native land and later contributed to the establishment of HaitiBound Adventures. The mission of HaitiBound Adventures is to introduce or re-introduce travelers to Haiti’s rich history, vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes. Our adventures are great for the traveler looking to reconnect with their Haitian roots or in search of year-round tropical weather.

HaitiBound! Adventures offer travelers an opportunity to enjoy Haiti’s rich and diverse culture, historic landmarks, beautiful beaches and landscapes, a cuisine that is second to none and lodge in luxurious hotels throughout the country. Our Adventures are intentionally designed to expose travelers to Haiti’s entrepreneurs and immense possibilities. Proceeds from our adventures benefit economic development and education-related initiatives. The packages are kept affordable in order for travelers to view Haiti as a regular vacation destination.

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