Ms. Fatima Altieri

Miss Fatima Genise Durand Altieri, or FATIMA, as she introduces herself, was born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti on September 20th of the year 1993. She has known since childhood that stardom would come her way, and if not, that she would seek it. She understood very quickly that she was set to shine in 2 different art fields, which were Fashion and Music, the latter beginning at 6 years of age when she started singing in her church’s choir.

However, her passion for music outgrew the one for fashion, especially after she participated in countless contests, including being a contestant in the Junior Female Model category of the World Championship of Performing Arts in 2014, and she fully embraced her musical career.

Collaborating with artists from numerous musical backgrounds, such as Eric Virgal, Fabrice Rouzier, Keke Belizaire, Izolan, Baky, Wendy, O-Gun, and having hit songs of her own, for instance her Kreyol single “W Abandone M”, translating to You Abandoned Me, which came out in 2015, FATIMA is doing what she must to be one, if not the most renown Haitian songstress of the 21rst century.

Nevertheless, the young artist always puts forward her gratefulness to the Fashion world, acknowledging the many doors that have opened up to her thanks to her skills in modeling. Having a petite figure, a very photogenic body and various facial angles are features she makes very little effort to maintain; the camera loves her for them. And although there are certain constraining criteria to follow to be a part of the Haitian Fashion Industry, FATIMA continues to leave her public breathless, from stunning photo-shoots to her appearances on screen. As a matter of fact, she hosts her own TV show, Culture Lakay, nicknamed the Fatima Show, on Télé Éclair, and gets to present in her own words what she feels is interesting about her Haitian Culture.

There is no doubt that Miss Altieri will continue to strive for greatness. We shall see what the future holds for this strongly shimmering star.

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