Jean Baden Dubois

Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (central bank)

Jean Baden Dubois has been Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) since December 2015. He is a highly qualified and very respected professional, with 25 years of experience within the Haitian financial system. Having joined Citibank’s Haiti branch in 1990, his competence warrants such high praise that he is selected from among the 20 young professionals from all Citibank branches in the Caribbean and Latin America, to take part in a management trainee program known as Entering the CITI. This training is equivalent to that of an MBA in Banking and Finance. Mr. Dubois also holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a minor in Operational Research.

Governor Dubois joined the Central Bank of Haiti in 1995 as Administrative Director, a position he’s held for four (4) years. From 1999 to 2001, he worked as an Expert delegated to the office of the Minister of Economy and Finance, and then held the position of Director of the BRH’s Information and Technology Department from 2001 to 2011. In November 2011, he joined the Governing Board of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti as Managing Director (Directeur Général).

Jean Baden Dubois is at the root of many reforms that have paved the way for the modernization of both the BRH and the Haitian payment system. He understands that the Haitian economy’s many imbalances must be resolved in a sustainable manner in order to break the cycle of poverty in his country. Hence his current focus on production and the promotion of a monetary-policy agenda primarily geared towards sustainable and inclusive growth. Such an approach assumes that long-term macroeconomic and financial stability depends on achieving these objectives. It is in this context that Governor Dubois has introduced a set of incentive mechanisms focused on stimulating the competitive or high-potential sectors of the Haitian economy.

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