Lyne Vanessa Alexandre

US Alumni, YLAI 2016

Medical practitioner, Leader, Activist, & Entrepreneur

Former president and general secretary of youth association or medical foundation

Medical practitioner, leader, activist, entrepreneur, are acquired knowledge or natural talents that I developed during the last ten years. I was president and general secretary of youth association or medical foundation, but I also attended training in the USA and Canada in leadership, community development and entrepreneurship. Since 2016, I have been involved in an entrepreneurial venture: PROCONA.

Procona is an agricultural transformation company that produces 100% organic snacks using raw materials such as bananas, pistachio, cassava, sweet potato, ginger, corn buying from our poor farmers in the country sides of Haiti. We are improving lives by driving economic power to the communities while offering to the world a piece of our Haitian culture though our snacks.

I am also a member since July 2017 of a national commission for innovation and socio-professional integration of young people. Through this commission I intend to propel the state interests towards a restructuring of the employment sector in Haiti which is unfavorable for young graduates. I also intend to bring to the attention of decision makers the need to encourage entrepreneurship in the world of young people for the real creation of wealth for Haiti.

My experience working with farmers in the country sides of Haiti has allowed me to understand that it is not only creating a business that can solve the great challenges of the world. There is, above all, the mentality and the disposition for progress to inculcate around oneself. This is a non-negligible element that any change maker should take in order to consolidate their actions.

Also, I have learned the real impact of the asset base community development method by applying all the components into my entrepreneurial journey. I would love to share my experiences with other participants at this conference. We can definitely grow from inside. The economic development must start from the local communities who will build it up.

Working to influence people by entrepreneurial education will be my strategy for multiplier effect of what I will learn from the forum. We need entrepreneurial skills and spirit among people in the communities. We need people who think about solving problems with what they have. My main goal is to organize workshops around my community in order to empower people. Knowledge is power! By sharing what I will learn from the NAAHP conference, I will make a real impact in the life of people in my community.

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