Samuel Dameus

Founder of the International Project Faces Of Haiti

Born with a natural sense of leadership, Samuel Dameus has showcased his energetic skills as an effective leader throughout his career. A native of Cap- Haitian, Haiti, Samuel Dameus is a dynamic young professional in Social Communication and Photography, with a passion and dedication to offer his absolute best to where he calls home…Haiti.

Dameus’ educational background consists of obtaining Bachelor’s degree of Social Communication in 2011 at the University of Haiti. He proceeded to receive a certification at Broward College Florida in April 2014. Ultimately, in November 2015 he acquired Crisis Communications Expert Practitum in Spain at The World Tourism  Organization  (UNWTO).  His proficiency  as  a Communications Director for the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti and as a Communication Consultant for Sunrise Airways proved his expertise in the field. Earlier, as a Communication Ocer for IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent), executed unprecedented work during his 4 years with the establishment. He was a key influencer in the development of a text message system named -Tera- which was a crucial method of communicating with the population following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. That system was the pioneer of its category of outsource/outreach tool that has been fully operational in Haiti. Over the years, he continuously uses technology to effectively transmit his vision and ideas. His interest of using technology to communicate effectively initiated his involvement in perfecting his knowledge about the latest and most practical forms of communications in the forever evolving world of technology.

As noted, images are undeniably one of the best tools of communication, Dameus naturally developed a career as a photographer shortly after the 2010 earthquake. There, he began to share images of the tragedy and discover his passion in social photography. Several international organizations and outlets used Dameus’ captivating images of the earthquake around the world. About a year later, he was approached by the team of EuroNews and offered his assistance in making the documentary “Silent Disaster Hill, One Year Later”. This was a defining moment when he fully grasped his impact through social photography.

I addition, Dameus is the Founder of the international project Faces Of Haiti Photo Expo events. At the launch of the said project, a photo book was also released, baring the same name. Both the events and the book reflect the actual reality throughout Haiti while magnifying the different aspects of the country whether unknown or misunderstood by the rest of the world. As a result, Dameus is exceptionally proud to showcase the beauty of Haiti through his photography in Miami, Orlando, Havana, Beijing, Geneva, New York, Washington D.C., London, Paris, Montreal through his first world tour with Faces Of Haiti. His home country the current state of the people throughout the Haiti. Today, Faces Of Haiti Photo Expo and Photography Book series of events with international acknowledgement. Dameus takes great pride in showcasing his photography exposing the beauty of Haiti. In his years of existence and in his professional career of simply 10 years, Dameus has proven to be a beacon of hope and influence to other young people on his path and a very active key member of his community.

Lastly, Dameus is a sought after speaker who has consistently partake in events and movement which support progress in and for Haiti through tourism and technology: Haiti Tech Summit 17, Haitian American Business Summit 17, Haiti Cybercon 17. He was recently bestowed an Award by Haiti Numerique 2030 for his accomplishment and the positive impact of Faces Of Haiti Photo Expo. In spring 2017, Dameus was selected by the U.S. Embassy in Haiti to participate in the prestigious leadership program IVLP to expand his resources on Communication, Tourism and Economic Development.

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