Sandy Sophia Laborde

Community Relations Manager, Sunrise Airways

Sandy Sophia Laborde’s love for the Haitian Community led her to leave corporate America to organize literacy programs for Haitians. The magnitude of assistance the community needed would push her to become a social entrepreneur. Even though Ms. Laborde would free lance in working with several television companies, In 2014, she officially began working with the Television Network, HAITI HD. Ms. Laborde would go on to interview many Haitian Public Figures and Celebrities. One of her most memorable interviews was with Laurant Lamothe, being the only Haitian that interviewed him for winning the Innovator Award from Latin America. “Yon Ti Moman Ak Sandy” later launched in Canada on basic cable, being shown in over 4 million homes. Today she has 3 shows, changing the image of Haitians internationally, one episode at a time.

Ms. Laborde has been called to elementary schools to talk to young Haitian girls who have low self-esteem and want nothing to do with their Haitian Identity. After 3 years of promoting Haitian culture, she decided to revisit Haiti after 25 years. In April 2015, she would purchase her first ticket to Haiti not telling anyone. She fell in love with the country making acquaintances along the way, promising that she would return with friends. On December 1st, 2016, Ms. Laborde returned to Haiti with 92 Haitian-Americans. The impact of her trip was recognized by the Haitian Minister of Tourism. Following the succes of the trip she realised that bringing the diaspora back home is possible, and now sends groups of people to Haiti.

Her drive has led her to be appointed President of the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Orlando. Ms. Laborde is committed to supporting Haitian Businesses, bridging the gap with those who are Stateside or wanting to do commerce back home. Senators, Commissioners, and Vice-Mayors have all attended Ms. Laborde’s events. As of today, she’s the youngest female to lead the Chamber, and also the first Haitian-American.

Ms. Laborde’s latest project is called “Met Fanm Sou Ou.” It’s an empowerment network for Haitian Women providing conferences, networking events, and community resources that inspires individuals with the same traditional values our ancestors passed on to each of us. While she was in Haiti she discovered an Orphanage called Mission of Grace and became attached to the youth, more specifically, the youth that are now over the age of 18 but still live at the Orphanage because no one has adopted them. She visits them, encouraging them to work hard for a better future. Ms. Laborde comes from humble beginnings, thus the reason she has made her life all about the Haitian Community. She passionately believes that together we can change Haiti, including the quality of life for those living abroad.

You’ll find Ms. Laborde supporting events that impact the Haitian Community Nationally and abroad. She has been asked to speak at countless forums and been asked to partner with several social causes that are detrimental to the success of the community. Just recently Ms. Laborde joined the Sunrise Airways Airline Company in Launching their first direct flight from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to Orlando, FL. As their Relations Manager she is tasked with continue the work she’s faithfully been doing in the Central Florida Community– ensuring that the residents are familiar with the resources that are available to them with this new route. In addtition to that, strengthening the reach of those with innovative ideas for the market, helping to execute these initiatives in the most efficient fasion.

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