Woodline Gedeon

Expert in Government Liaison and Advocacy

Co-owner of Kayou Global Consulting

Woodline Gedeon, (Lynn) an expert in Government Liaison and advocacy is the co-owner of Kayou Global Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in Government affairs, outreach and training, diversity consulting services, capacity building of institutions, Emergency Management, Project Management, Branding and Social Media Management, and Monitoring and Evaluating of projects. She has experience working on various sustainable projects for donors such as USAID, UN, IFRC, and HUD. Her experience includes Minority and Women Owned Business Outreach and Community Strengthening, Healthcare Advocacy, Family Planning, HIV prevention, Food and livelihood Programmes, Emergency Management, Teacher Development, Peer Education, Policy Development, Local Stability Initiatives, Good Governance and Capacity Building. Lynn has designed, developed, implemented, managed and provided technical assistance to the management of various projects in diverse conditions internationally. She believes in using her voice to speak for those who cannot get the message out.

In the past, she had moved to Haiti to work with the UN, USAID, NGOS and various Haitian Government institutions and still very involved in the affairs of her native country. She currently works for the Governor of New York and interning with the State Department-Embassy of Haiti. Lynn is a MBA candidate at Louisiana State University and she earned a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary studies at the University of South Florida.

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