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The previous conferences organized by the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP) were a success, because of the individuals who believed in our mission and decided to become engaged. During our annual conference, our volunteers will have the opportunity to serve as leaders and present new ideas that could help improve the Conference, learn more about the organization and its leadership team, gain skills that can be applied in their professional life, and are taken under consideration to serve in leadership roles within NAAHP or assist in our efforts to “elevate Haiti and its Diaspora.” Enclosed below are volunteer opportunities that are currently available with the National Association of Haitian Professionals.

**Please feel free to apply to one or more openings, noting your preference.**

Special Assistants:

  • Special Assistant to Event Chairs– Volunteers in this role will assist Chairs in the coordination of all activities related to the production and execution of the NAAHP Annual Conference.
  • Special Assistant to Planning Programming Chairs– Volunteers in this role will assist Chairs with content development, while creating the agenda and strategy for Conference programming. Volunteers will also solicit keynote and plenary speakers, then coordinate additional educational initiatives that will enhance the Conference experience for attendees (pre-Conference/extended sessions, mid-Conference sessions, panels, etc.).

*Applicants for Special Assistant positions are required to submit a copy of their resume. After completing the application, resumes are to be emailed to with “Special Assistant APPLICATION” in the email subject line.

Special Assistant terms begin immediately upon notification by NAAHP staff and ends after the Conference. Favorable consideration will be given to those who plan on being in attendance during the Conference.

Conference Special Assistant Application


NAAHP’s 5th Annual Conference Planning Committee Positions

We have a number of committees that are in need of your assistance and expertise.

Committee Opportunities:

  • Publicity/Outreach Committee– Members of this Committee will assist with promotion and recruitment for the Conference. Committee members will help in the creation of a promotion and recruitment plan, a timeline and identifying specific goals, in order to ensure those within the Diaspora and Friends of Haiti are fully informed about the Conference. Committee members are required to help implement the promotion and recruitment plan; this includes outreach within your personal network and social media platforms to keep current and potential future Conference attendees engaged virtually both before, during, and after the Conference.
  • Registration Committee– Members of this Committee will organize and manage the Conference registration process (both online and on-site), including credit card transactions and cancellations; coordinate procedures and logistics; overseeing the preparation of name badges and other materials; and will work in conjunction with a registration-management company.
  • Membership Committee– Members of this Committee will help create a strategy to recruit Conference attendees as new members of NAAHP. Volunteers will be provided with detailed information regarding the membership levels and will be required to set up a table with membership information on display throughout the Conference. Director of Membership Services will serve as a resource for committee members. For information regarding NAAHP membership, visit
  • Local Arrangements Committee– Members of this Committee will help collect information necessary on the ground for the purpose of planning the Conference.  Volunteers will provide venue layouts, identify parking and public transportation information, compile nearby hotel information, identify local venues for gatherings, identify stores from which to purchase Conference materials and serve as the points-of-contact in all other areas for Conference Chairs.*Only applicants who live in the DMV area will be considered.
  • Exhibition Committee– Members of this Committee will help manage vendors in attendance during the Conference. Volunteers will ensure that vendors are checked in, have all necessary Conference materials, are designated a table to display their materials and are provided with any other relevant information. Volunteers will also be provided with vendor information beforehand to familiarize themselves with the vendors and their specific needs.
  • Logistics Committee– Members of this Committee will help ensure that everything is in place for the smooth execution of the Annual Conference. Responsibilities include gathering the accommodations necessary for each speaker, media outlets and attendees. Volunteers will also assist in mapping out the logistics that will impact the flow of the event.
  • Sponsorship Committee– Members of this Committee are responsible for securing sponsors (financial commitments) to support the Conference. Volunteers will work with Finance to develop a payment plan, which provides incentives for early sponsorship. They will also develop recognition mechanisms for sponsors, vendors, and other Conference contributors. The Committee will also work with the Exhibition Committee to make arrangements for sponsor displays including space availability, securing tables, and other needs. The Committee will also work with the Registration Committee to coordinate pre-registration and on-site complimentary registrations for sponsors and vendors. The Sponsorship Committee must also prepare a post-Conference report for all sponsors. *Applicants for this Committee are required to submit a copy of their resume to with “Sponsorship Committee” in the subject line.*
  • Conference Content Committee– The conference committee will be responsible for the managing the content materials presented during the conference through panel discussions, workshops, keynotes, or other notable moments during the conference and possibly Gala.  Committee members will work closely with conference presenters both before, during and likely after the conference to assure that the content is consistent with information presented at the conference in alignment with the year’s theme and the mission of NAAHP.
  • Marketing Committee– Members of this Committee are responsible for developing a marketing plan to raise awareness about the Conference and increase registration. This Committee is responsible for newsletters, outreach to targeted audiences, providing updates via social media and other platforms, website maintenance, e-mails and newsletter blasts, blog posts, graphics/logo support, development of marketing collateral, and content development as it pertains to the Conference. Most importantly, this Committee is responsible for maintaining consistent visual branding and messaging. *Applicants for this Committee (Sub-committee included) are required to submit a copy of their resume to with “Sponsorship Committee” in the subject line.*
  • Closing Night Gala Committee– Members of this Committee will assist in the planning of our first Conference Gala. Volunteers will identify prospective speakers and entertainment, secure a venue and decorations, select a menu, manage the honorees and awards distribution.

If interested in serving as an Event Chair, responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, fulfilling the chosen theme, managing the Gala budget and overseeing the Gala planning team members. The Event Chairs will report to the respective Conference Chair to finalize decisions pertaining to the gala. The Event Chairs should plan to participate in frequent calls or emails to provide updates and resolve any issues with the respective Conference Chair in charge of Gala planning.

The term of Conference Committee members begin at the time of invitation and ends after the conference. Favorable consideration will be given to those who plan on being in attendance throughout the Conference.

Conference Planning Committee Application


If you are unable to commit to any of the above mentioned Conference Planning committees, then there are additional opportunities to volunteer on-site.

NAAHP 5th Annual Conference On-Site Volunteer Positions

Conference on-site volunteers help implement the work of the Conference Planning Committee. Volunteers play a vital role in helping to ensure those in attendance have the best possible experience. Volunteers have to work in teams, interact well with others, are great problem solvers, are agile, and willing to help whenever and wherever necessary.

We have a number of roles for volunteers at the Conference. Please note, even if offered a volunteer opportunity in one of these areas, you may be asked to help in other areas when needed.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Greeters– Volunteers in this role set the tone for the Conference. You are the first group of individuals that attendees will meet upon arrival. Greeters will welcome attendees, direct them to registration and answer questions regarding the venue and parking. Greeters will also provide information to non-attendees who may have heard about the event and are interested in learning more.
  • Event Flow– Volunteers in this role serve as the eyes and ears of the Conference Planning Committee. Your role is to make sure that everything goes according to the Conference agenda and that attendees are in designated areas during designated times. Event Flow volunteers will work closely with Ushers to make sure potential issues are quickly identified and reported to a Conference Volunteer Chair or Coordinator.
  • Ushers– Volunteers in this role serve as guides for Conference attendees. Your role is to direct Conference attendees in need of assistance, ensure that they are comfortable and are provided with materials that may be required at that time. Ushers will also take attendee feedback and report any issues to Event Flow volunteers.
  • Speaker Assistance– Volunteers in this role will cater to the needs of Conference Speakers. You will be provided with the biographies of each Speaker and their role in the Conference in order to effectively serve as their guide throughout the Conference.
  • Registration– Volunteers in this role will help the Conference Registration Committee with on-site check-ins, including the distribution of Conference welcome packets. Registration volunteers will be provided with Speaker Biographies to easily identify Speakers and direct them to Speaker Assistance volunteers.
  • Notetakers– Volunteers in this role will help ensure that the workshop content is recorded and summarized. Notetakers will be trained on how to use the recording devices and other materials that will be provided prior to Conference. Volunteers will be assigned to specific workshops and will not be required to take notes throughout the Conference.
  • Voter Registration Canvassers– Volunteers in this role will help encourage those in attendance to register to vote or update their voter information. Voter Registration Canvassers will be trained on how to properly complete registrations forms for NY, NJ, FL, MA, PA, MD, GA, CA and Connecticut. They will also be provided with deadlines and state-specific policies that affect those who are registering to vote. Volunteers in this role will also ensure registrants’ information remains secure until it is passed on to the Advocacy Committee Co-Chair. Your goal is to not only register voters, but encourage them to participate in their local elections.

*On-site volunteers must be in attendance at NAAHP’s 5th Annual Conference. Please note that all applicants are expected to serve a minimum of two days as a volunteer. *

Conference On-Site Volunteer Application


NAAHP prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any employee or any applicant for employment because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. All personnel who are responsible for hiring and promoting employees and for the development and implementation of NAAHP programs or activities are charged to support this effort and to respond promptly and appropriately to any concerns that are brought to their attention.


If you are ready to step up and get involved in making NAAHP’s 5th Annual Conference a success, then apply for a Special Assistant position, join the Planning Committee or become an on-site volunteer.


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