Diaspora Challenge Initiative

Location: Reading Lounge

How can we best use the resources of the Diaspora to help in the socio-economic development Haiti?  That is a question that many experts, institutions and government agencies have tried to answer in years.  With the Diaspora contributing a significant portion of the country’s GDP, many would argue that this contribution does not get invested in ways that bring much return to the country.  In fact, it does leave us in a state of welfare, constantly depending on it for our daily needs, and consuming goods that are produced by our economic partners.

It is imperative that the Diaspora brings in not only its monetary contribution to the country but also its vast intellectual capacity and its professional and technical skills.  Through the PADF’s LEAD initiative, a group of Haitian organizations have joined to collect investment ideas from the Diaspora to find ways to best harness our collective resources and bring innovative and efficient solutions to capital investment needs in Haiti.  Many Haitian residents of the Diaspora, some sitting in this panel, have demonstrated their leadership developing successful initiatives in Haiti.  This panel discussion should provide an opportunity to learn about their trials and successes, what make their initiatives sustainable and replicable while sharing ways to further stimulate such ideas and bring more Diaspora members to contribute similarly.

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