Cleve Mesidor

Lead 2016 NAAHP Conference Chair

While she is diplomatic and a consensus builder, it is unmistakable that Cleve is a forceful and assertive leader. Her portfolio targets emerging markets, with a focus on the Caribbean. She leverages innovation and competitive strategies to tackle complex economic challenges. Her toolbox is full of unique solutions to help clients maximize their global impact. Her edge is being able to see past the noise and find the facts to advance priorities and move the ball closer to success. Cleve helps clients to articulate their story and define their brand. She learned how much messaging matters while earning a Master of Arts degree in mass communications from Howard University. Drawing on her training at CNN’s Washington bureau and freelancing for NBC’s Today Show, Cleve regularly publishes feature articles and editorials on timely issues.

Passionate about public service, Cleve recently left her position as a Presidential Appointee to spend half a year on the ground in Haiti focused on economic and job growth. The last 15 years in Washington have been intensely focused on public affairs, legislative policy on Capitol Hill, and a few stints on presidential campaigns, gubernatorial races, and Presidential conventions. She was born in Haiti and raised in New York City, witnessing the birth of rap and hip-hop culture. She is a generation Xer who is fascinated by the millennial generation and the dynamic and game-changing role they play on the global stage. Cleve was recently named one of MSNBC’s Grio 100 and was profiled by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Foundation.

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