Marie-Nancy Charles Larco

Doctor, Physician, Diabetes Educator, Author and Lecturer with focus on diabetology and endocrinology

Marie-Nancy Charles Larco is a doctor, physician, diabetes educator, published author and lecturer with focus on diabetology and endocrinology. In 1988, Larco has been assigned to supervisor of diabetes clinics and since 2010, she is the executive director of the Fondation Haitienne de Diabete et de Maladies Cardiovasculaires (FHADIMAC). Being a committed advocate in the global campaign against diabetes, she became the coordinator of events such as World Diabetes Day, Month of FHADIMAC, camps for children and young adults with diabetes and their parents or “Journees de Diabetologie et d’Urgences endocriniennes” which are yearly trainings for all medical levels. Because of her professional experience she has conducted projects with World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), Americares, Minister of Health of Haiti (MSPP), Life for A Child (LFAC), Insulin for Life (IFL) and many more. Thanks to Dr Larco’s initiative, IDF’s Life For A Child program was implemented in Haiti, currently supporting almost 220 children and young adults.

The most critical moment in her life was probably the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which was one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. During the disaster, FHADIMAC was housing the only dedicated diabetes clinic in Haiti, which was not destroyed by the earthquake and Dr Larco has worked tirelessly to safe thousands of diabetes patients in desperate need of medicine and intensive care. For her outstanding work in Haiti after the earthquake, Larco received an award from the International Diabetes Federation in 2012 at Dubai.

In 2011, Dr Larco was decorated by the Rotary Club for the enormous work she had been doing for Haitian people affected with Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases.

Presently, Dr Larco is an ambassador for FHADIMAC, lobbying and looking for grants and sponsors for the erection of a referral center (Center of Excellency), the one stop center with the model for care of chronic diseases.