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Our Mission

The mission of the NAAHP Mentorship program is to facilitate professional development for Haitian professionals and college students by providing an engaging and supportive community with seasoned leaders in their respective field.

Our Vision

To inspire Haitian professionals to reach their full potential through mentorship, in and out of the workplace.

Our Goals

To cultivate relationships between various industry professionals at different levels in their careers

  • To establish a network of Haitian professionals, nationally and internationally
  • To foster skill development for young professionals, enriching/empowering their career endeavors
  • To help young professionals define their personal and professional goals
  • To increase awareness of different career opportunities for Haitians in the diaspora
  • To spark motivation for job performance, creativity, and innovation

Our Values

  1. Skill Development
  2. Goal Planning
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Networking
  5. Knowledge Sharing