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What our members say

Natasha Nazaire

"I had the opportunity of attending the NAAHP Leadership Symposium event on Haiti Investment and Education. The topics discussed were engaging and I made invaluable professional connections. I highly recommend NAAHP membership and events."
"Since its inception, the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP) has done an awesome job connecting the Diaspora and creating opportunities for dialogue, promotion, and planning. The online profiles are informative and a valuable resource for identifying potential partners. I commend Serge Renaud and his team on their due diligence!"
Cleve Mesidor
Former Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration
"The NAAHP is much needed in the Haitian Community for those aspiring to reach leadership positions in the United States. As a member, I not only recommend NAAHP for its commitment but urge everyone in any career level to join the vision and goals of this group of supporting the on going development of leadership among Haitian Professionals."
Windia Dieudonne
Research Analyst,
Advertising Sales Strategy

Nathalie Liautaud

"I had the great pleasure of speaking at an NAAHP symposium. It was an exceptional experience, and the beginning of an engaging and fruitful relationship. I commend their work on behalf of Haitian Professionals and look forward to our continued interaction."

Bruno Surpris

"This group of people really cares about the Haitian community as well as giving back to the country. I am very impressed by the caliber of my fellow members."
"I'm impressed by NAAHP's dedication towards strengthening and organizing the Haitian communities based both in the US and in Haiti. The NAAHP initiative brings together a solid group of successful and very well prepared Haitian American professionals evolving in the competitive marketplace of the United States of America."
Cedric Chauvet
Board Member, American of Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) Haiti