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Recognizing the Mask You Wear: Breaking Free from the Chains of Double Consciousness


Image by Maciek Wisniewski Oscar Wilde, the Irish dramatist, once said, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Occupying a minority status in any society, at any time in human civilization, has always required wearing a proverbial mask to ensure […]
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US-Based Haitian Healthcare Plan


Haiti’s Human Development Index (HDI) is 163, six points above Afghanistan–a country that has been in a perpetual state of war. The Dominican Republic enjoys a HDI of 99. HDI manifests itself, for example, through life expectancy, which in Haiti is 63 years (a full decade behind neighboring Dominican Republic and nearly 2 decades behind […]
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Haitian Women Around the Globe Are Uniting to Move the Nation Forward


A new platform emerges to unify Haitian women leaders around the world. The #SHE_BUILDS Global initiative, founded in June 2018 by Shaina Silva– a young Haitian American futurist based in San Francisco — is launching at the Mozilla virtual reality studio in the heart of San Francisco on August 24th 2018. Designed to be a […]

NAAHP Conference


The NAAHP Annual Conference is the largest event of the year organized by the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals and is a pivotal moment where Haitian professionals and students in the USA gather to hear empowering speakers, best practices and emerging trends in leadership, professional development, entrepreneurship and within the workforce.

Haiti’s Green Pharmacy: When Will We Restore It?


Every single day in Haiti, men, women, and children cure their illnesses using extracts from the country’s flora. Haiti’s green pharmacy has saved countless lives since ancient times and it continues to do so today, even in the face of serious challenges like deforestation and erosion. The medicinal properties of the country’s plants and herbs […]

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