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Scholarship Resources

How to Submit Your NAAHP Scholarship Application Form

The NAAHP Scholarship Essay, Recommendation Letters, Extra-curriculars, and Application Rejection

GPA Impact, Recommendation Letters, the Scholarship Essay, and Building a College Application Resume

Scholarship Essay and Effective Application Strategies

College Planning with NAAHP: Building Your College Resume

College Planning with NAAHP: Accepted to College, Now What?

College Planning with NAAHP: Financial Planning for College and Beyond?

College Planning with NAAHP: Navigating the College Admission Process and College Campus Tour Tips

College Planning with NAAHP: Let’s Talk Scholarships


  • Scholarship Resources

    Other sources for scholarships: Local organizations: Sororities, fraternities, credit union, woman’s clubs, rotary clubs, churches, parents’ jobs

  • Guide to Scholarships for Future Teachers
    The TeacherCertification.com team recently developed a comprehensive guide to scholarship opportunities for the future teacher community. Our aim is to highlight the best scholarships and advice in order to take some of the financial pressure off of students as they make their college plans and begin their studies.
  • Guide to FAFSA and Financial Aid
    This in-depth guide gives college students the resources they need to successfully apply for the FAFSA and fund their college costs.