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Scholarship Resources

  • Guide to Scholarships by Major
    This guide was designed to provide guidance for students seeking scholarships to help them pay for college. This guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including: the importance of scholarships, types of scholarships, and college scholarships for high school students.
  • Guide to FAFSA and Financial Aid
    This in-depth guide gives college students the resources they need to successfully apply for the FAFSA and fund their college costs.
  • NHAEON $2K Emergent Leader Scholarship for Haitian Students
    Haitians have a long history and significant presence in the United States, yet they remain underrepresented in many fields. To boost the representation of Haitian Americans in post-secondary schools and public service, it is critical that Haitian Americans have the resources they need. The NHAEON Emergent Leaders Scholarship seeks to support any students of Haitian descent who display motivation, sincerity, strong leadership skills, and dedication to community service. Students committed to building a better community through personal leadership activities while enrolled in college, university, or vocational programs are encouraged to apply.
  • Guide to College Scholarships for Indigenous Students
    This guide was designed help break down the barriers preventing indigenous students from earning a higher education. This guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including: undergraduate and graduate scholarships for indigenous students, college grant and loan information, and Information about other financial aid options like fellowships and work-study programs.
  • Guide to College Scholarships for Underrepresented Students
    The team at Study.com recently developed a complete guide to scholarships for underrepresented students. Our goal is to inform students about critical information regarding their college education and share different resources that will help set them up for success. The College Scholarships for Underrepresented Students guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including: A thorough introduction to how scholarships work and how they compare to other college funding resources; An analysis of the range of scholarships available to students of color; Key information on locating scholarship opportunities.
  • Scholarships for Black & African American Students
    Fortunately, there are many scholarships for African American students that can minimize the out-of-pocket costs of college. Knowing how to get a scholarship can also help you take out fewer student loans, allowing you to graduate with less debt. To make it easier, we compiled a list of some of the best scholarships for Black students.
  • Scholarships & Grants for Latino & Hispanic Students
    Paying for college can feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where you’ll come up with the funds. One way to cover the costs of attending college is to look for scholarships. Depending on your situation, there are a number of different scholarships available, including scholarships for Latinos. If you have Latino heritage, you could qualify for money for school.
  • 45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students
    A collection of current funding opportunities for both undergrad and graduate minority students. The page outlines information on where to find the scholarships and grants, as well as organizes opportunities dedicated to specific demographics, including African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx students, and several others.
  • Scholarship for DACA Students
    The Study.com DACA Student Scholarship is a $1,000 academic award for DACA students pursuing their undergraduate college degree. It is the mission of Study.com to make education accessible, so we hope to provide students assistance while studying at the college of their dreams. Although we publish the name and photo of academic award winners for other Study.com scholarships, we do not publish any information about winners for Study.com Scholarship for DACA Students.
  • First Generation College Student Scholarship
    At Study.com we want to help improve the college experience for First Generation College Students and their families to help make a college education more accessible in all fields of study. To help serve this mission, we are excited to announce that we have developed a new scholarship that First Generation College Students can apply for.
  • Top Resources to Help Low-Income Students Afford and Succeed in College
    Accessing higher education can be extremely challenging for students from low-income backgrounds. However, there are many resources available that can provide crucial support and make college not just accessible, but highly rewarding. This article explores the key struggles faced by economically disadvantaged students, the importance of tailored assistance, and an extensive range of academic, financial, career, housing, and mental health resources to empower low-income students to thrive in college.
  • Your Ultimate 2023 Scholarship Guide
    We’ll cover scholarships from A to Z, including: 8 Types of Scholarships, The Scholarship Application Process in 3 Steps, 20 Scholarship Resources, 6 Additional Scholarship Tips, And more. Let’s dive right in.
  • Best Online Schools of 2022 – The Ultimate Guide
    Some of the best teachers, programs, and opportunities are at your fingertips if you choose to go to school online. With online programs, you can take classes on the go, at home, or anywhere else that you need to be. We’ve collected a selection of the 15 best online schools of 2022.
  • Unigo $10K Scholarship
    A scholarship that can be used by students from any discipline to fund their education. It’s a simple essay contest where individuals must answer in 250 words: “Would you rather be smart, funny or rich? Why?”
  • College Raptor $2.5K Scholarship
    To help students take a thoughtful approach to their college decision process and to help pay for college, College Raptor awards a $2,500 scholarship four times per year.
  • Florin|Roebig $1.5K Scholarship
    The law firm of Florin|Roebig knows how valuable higher education can be, not only in shaping society but in helping young people reach their long-term academic and professional goals. For this reason, we’re proud to announce a scholarship contest awarding $1,500.
  • Clean And Recovery $1K Scholarship Essay Contest
    At CleanAndRecovery.com, we are dedicated to championing higher education and are thrilled to announce our esteemed college scholarship essay contest. With a prize of $1,000, this competition offers a unique opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills while addressing the pressing issue of binge drinking on college campuses. By participating in this contest, you not only stand a chance to win a generous scholarship but also contribute to raising awareness and preventing the dangers associated with excessive alcohol consumption.
  • $1000 Annual Scholarship for Book Lovers $1000
    Headway recently established the $1,000 Annual Scholarship for Book Lovers, which is designed to support students willing to achieve new heights in their education. This exclusive opportunity is available to US students seeking higher education in colleges, universities, and vocational-technical schools.
  • Barbie Dream House Scholarship $500
    Students from all education levels are eligible to apply for this scholarship. To apply, applicants must describe in 200-600 words where their Barbie Dream House would be located.
  • Scholarships for Women in STEM
    There’s a great selection of programs and financial aid to give women the opportunity to explore STEM careers, plus additional ideas on how to get women involved in computer science, technology and other related fields.
  • TExEStest.org Future Teacher Scholarship
    We’ve bumped up the award for our Future Teacher Scholarship to $1,000 this year because we know earning a degree is expensive. We want to help future teachers in Texas complete the necessary college level education required to qualify and enter the classroom. TExESTest.org will be accepting applications for this scholarship until June 1st.
  • Resources for Student Teaching
    Student Teaching is one of the last steps before becoming a teacher. Earning a credential and passing certification tests are all parts that need to be checked off before stepping into your own classroom. Navigating these aspects of becoming an educator is crucial and necessary. The team at Study.com strives to make a career in education accessible to all, which is why we’ve reached out to a number of professors across the nation to provide prospective teachers with all the answers & resources they need to achieve their career goals. Our expert contributors have given their perspectives and advice regarding:

  • Law School Scholarships
    Paying for a legal education can be a truly daunting task. Thankfully, law school scholarships can help relieve some of this financial pressure. Unlike other types of financial aid, such as a federal student loan or private loan, a law school scholarship never needs to be repaid. This section will dive into the world of law school scholarships: the different types of scholarship opportunities as well as a list of available scholarships to help jump start your scholarship search.
  • CNA Classes Near Me Scholarship
    “CNA Classes Near Me” helps those interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) find training programs. Many of these programs are free as they are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor or state equivalent agencies. Our site has state by state pages that list out all training locations in each state as well as their contact information. $500 scholarship, application deadline is September 21.
  • CNA Free Training Resources Scholarship
    “CNA Free Training Resources” provides free training materials for those preparing to take the CNA exam, which is a requirement to become a licensed CNA. We have free practice tests for each section of the CNA exam, as well as supplemental training materials that can be used while taking CNA classes – all of which are free. $500 scholarship, application deadline is April 2.
  • A Guide to Esports Scholarships and College Programs
    This article explains how to get recruited and put together a stand-out esports scholarship application. In addition to walking applicants through recruitment, it lists the most popular schools for esports and numerous places hosting esports scholarships. It concludes with additional resources for those looking at a career in esports and streaming.
  • Student Guide for Community College Scholarships
    This article was designed to help students understand the benefits of attending a community college and ways they can reduce the cost of their college education. This guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including: The pros of community colleges, such as lower costs and flexible class schedules; Where students can find scholarships; Other ways to reduce college costs; The average cost of community college.
  • Changing Careers to Teaching in Florida
    Like the rest of the country, Florida needs teachers in the classrooms. In addition to helping those who want to transition to a career in teaching, FTCEtest.org wants to help alleviate the financial burden going back to school can cause. To do that, we’ve increased our FTCEtest.org Scholarship for Future Teachers award to $1,000 in 2023. The deadline for this scholarship is June 1.
  • How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter
    We recently put together a guide on crafting a scholarship thank you letter that I think would be a helpful addition there! A well written thank you letter not only shows how much the recipients appreciate the financial support, but more importantly also helps to ensure that the donors continue to offer their scholarships to future students.
  • Understanding Your Finances: The Guide for College Students
    Your overall financial well-being includes many things, such as saving for college, paying for college, finding scholarships and loans, and even developing and improving your credit score. All of these factors will have an impact on your everyday life and your financial future, even if you’re not aware of it. It’s important that you understand what resources are available to you to help you get through your college experience with a head start on your finances!
  • College Students and Taxes
    College graduates and those who are about to open a new business might consider the following information from the piece handy: Understanding tax rates and how to calculate them; Knowing tax exemptions in the U.S. Tax Code, applicable to a few; Differentiating tax rates from different industries and incomes; How to file taxes and correct tax mistakes.
  • The United States Of Student Debt
    An analytical report on the debt burden facing U.S. borrowers today—and the post-pandemic policy changes that will shake it up. Navigating student debt can be like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded, so we’ve teamed up with career data journalist Emily Barone to decode the maze of U.S. student loans for you. We hope this helps you make more informed decisions about choosing schools, seeking financial aid, and paying it down under various scenarios.
  • 5 Ways to Save for Your College Education
    Highlighting strategies suitable for soon-to be college students to craft their financial plans for their education. Outlined are the benefits of starting to put money away early through a savings account, applying for scholarships, and finding the right job in college to make payments easier.
  • Resources for those Considering Dropping Out of College
    Many students face challenging situations that make them consider dropping out of college. Perhaps they think that college is too difficult, too costly, too long, or too exhausting. And some just want to feel more excited about what they’re studying. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, it’s essential that your final decision to leave college or stay is based not only on your emotions but also on reason.

  • Addiction Resources for College Students
    Over the years substance abuse in colleges has increased dramatically. Drug abuse in college students has become a common occurrence. Alcohol and substances are popular and dangerous elements of college life. Whatever the reason a student might decide to abuse drugs, the aftermath can be dangerous. It is important to understand the effects of substances and the severe health issues they can cause.