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Benefits of NAAHP’s Mentorship Programs

A survey conducted by the American Society for Training and Development revealed that over seventy percent of today’s executives had mentors during the early stages of their professional journeys, and contributed greatly to their overall career advancement. Having direct access to an experienced professional adds a strong layer of confidence and provides countless resources to mentees.

Mentors also gain tremendous value from teaching and coaching; teaching is one of the best known ways to sharpen ones skills. While sharpening their skills, mentors are presented with great learning opportunities directly from mentees; knowledge transfers in the technology industry, modern “ways of working”, and general inspiration.

Why Should I Become A Mentor?

Serving as mentor comes with great responsibly but the rewards are priceless. Your guidance will help to mold the future careers of young professionals, giving back to society in a major way. If you have a valuable skill-set, process, or approach to your career that has garnered success, than you might be available candidate to become a mentor. Our mentors come from all walks of life and from different industries, however they are all passionate about investing in younger generations to build a better future.

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Why Should I Become A Mentee?

The opportunity to work with an experienced professional in your desired career path is priceless and will open many doors of opportunity for career advancement. Also, becoming a mentee gives you access to our growing global network of professionals for a lifetime.

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Mentor & Mentee Benefits