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Our Program

Our program matches mentees with mentors through a carefully curated process which prioritizes career goals, compatibility, skill-set, and teachable moments. We have developed five comprehensive methods that our mentors will use as a guide to create the most valuable experiences for mentees. NAAHP’s staff works together with mentors and mentees to accentuate the program’s core values and overall goals.


  • Skill Development
    Identifying and developing the necessary skills for success in the mentees’ field of interest/chosen career path.
  • Goal Planning
    Defining the mentee’s professional and personal goals, timelines, and outlook. Creating tangible, measurable milestones that can be documented, planned and tracked.
  • Problem Solving
    Developing cognitive skills to strengthen the mental process for identifying, analyzing, and solving problems.
  • Networking
    Teaching relationship building skills to expand mentees’ professional connections and networks.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Connecting mentees and mentor groups working in similar industries for focused conversations. Improving knowledge around key learning and research areas.


  • Cultivate relationships between various industry professionals at different levels in their career.
  • Establish a network of Haitian professionals, nationally and internationally.
  • Provide skill development for young professionals that adds great value to their resumes.
  • Help young professionals define their personal and professional goals
  • Increase awareness of different career opportunities for Haitians in the diaspora.
  • Provide motivation for job performance, creativity, and innovation.