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Angie Bell

Author, Public Personality

Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce 20 under 30 Young Professionals Honoree

Angie Bell is deeply involved in the South Florida community. As a young community leader, Ms. Bell has committed her time to several organization, working to promote Haitian culture and the arts.

As the former co-chair of the Fundraising and Public Relations committee at the Haitian American Professionals Coalition (HAPC) and the former Marketing Director of the Haitian American Historical Society, Ms. Bell’s professionalism and work ethic have both allowed her to garner the best of reputations.

Currently, she is the co-owner of Atizan International, a Marketing Firm that promotes everything Haitian and Caribbean, from Event and Festival Production to Project Management. Her love for Haiti also keeps her focused on promoting her heritage as a Co-host of the Television Show Ayiti Parle on Island TV. As a multi-talented young Haitian woman, she takes pride in wearing a variety of hats.

She is also the founder of PouBèlAyiti, an artistic environmental movement aimed to keep the streets of Haiti clean. Created to combat deforestation, nurture the environment and to promote a “clean” lifestyle. Geared to children across the island, this project is also used as an educational tool to bring more awareness and action towards climate changes. Also the founder of SEproject, a non-profit organization with the goal of helping young children in Cap-Haitien going to school.

As new found passion, Ms. Bell is taking the wheel as a blogger, to launch her site where she shares her personal healthy lifestyle journey and poetry.

Ms. Bell’s accomplishments are vast and she continues to wow the world as a published writer, whose second book “Dekouvri” is in the final stages and will undoubtedly help hundreds discover the beautiful, rich heritage of her native Haiti.