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Aniece Germain

City Councilor, Cranston, RI

Aniece Germain has lived in Cranston for the past 10 years with her husband Dr. Norly Germain and their three sons Oliver, Kyle and Nolan Germain.

Aniece moved to Rhode Island in 2009, where she continues her activism work toward social justice locally and in her country of origin, Haiti. Passionate advocate, Aniece Germain works tirelessly to make sure the voice of the minority is heard. Active and engaged, her advocacy works to fight for social justice, equality, equity and inclusion encompass her calling for systemic campaigns to changing lives in the communities. She never missed an opportunity to speak up on issues such as lunch shaming in RI schools, immigrant’ s rights, quality education for children, women’s right to body autonomy, quality health care, black maternal health care, affordable housing, gun safety, safe and clean neighborhood to name a few. Aniece was appointed and served as the first Black woman City councilor for ward 2 on July 31st, 2020. She is currently running for reelection in November.

Civic Engagement:
Aniece’s civic engagement includes services on the board of various community organizations such as NAACP Providence Branch, the RI National Organization for Women (RI NOW), the African Alliance of Rhode Island (AARI), Cranston Action Network (CAN), and Hope and Change for Haiti where she served as the Assistant Executive Director volunteer since its inception in 20216.

Aniece is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from Boston College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism and has an associate degree in Paralegal Studies. Further, Aniece is a Level II Certified Trainer in Kingian Nonviolence & Conflict Reconciliation and Advanced Leadership & Organizing from the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies of the University of Rhode Island.