Carline Noailles

SVP Strategy, BD & PM, JESCA Solutions LLC

Dr. Carline Noailles is an International Development professional specialized in Urban and Regional Development with over 20 years working for major international organizations, private companies, and non-profit organizations and with national and local governments in the USA, in Haiti, and in Africa. She has provided technical assistance to and advised on policies aiming at promotion sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development through the provision of key infrastructures and social services, the sustainable exploitation of natural resources and economic potentials, the promotion of economic opportunities and employment and the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.

She specializes in decentralization policies and the empowerment of local authorities to plan and lead the development of their territories in a participatory process that integrates the relevant stakeholders, representatives of the population and grassroot organizations.

In 2016, she co-founded JESCA Solutions, a firm based in the USA with an office in Haiti that specialized in international development. JESCA Solutions has implemented projects for a wide range of clients with a growing portfolio in urban development and planning, project evaluations, surveys or socioeconomic analysis, stakeholders coordination, community engagement, communication and other key sectors. She is currently the firm Sn VP of Business Development.

Dr. Noailles holds B.A in Geography and a Masters in Land Management from the University of Montpellier in France and a PhD in Urban Studies from the University of New Orleans, LA USA.