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Christine Coupet Jacques


Marketing Strategiest

Communication Guru

Christine Coupet Jacques, is a marketing and communications professional. Her career includes 15+ years at the executive level for top industry leading companies in her native Haiti. She’s managed some of the largest advertising budgets in the country and headed marketing departments for commercial giants in the telecommunications industry.

In 2008, Christine launched her own Marketing agency, Dagmar and later the same year opened a sister company, Matrix Media. Together, Dagmar and Matrix offer specialized services in communications, media management & monitoring for enthusiast companies, brands, products and services based in Haiti as well as an interesting portfolio of international clients. In 2010, with partner investors, Christine lead the acquisition of Haitian Publications which publishes “Haiti Business,” the country’s premier business directory, on an annual basis. Christine served on the board of American Chamber of Commerce from 2009-2013 and was twice elected as their Vice president (in 2011 & 2012). A business chameleon and influencer, Christine made brilliant used of her communication savvy, market research experience and public relations skills when she took on the challenge of managing the campaign and leading the young team that helped Haiti’s current president, Jovenel Moïse, get elected in 2016. She served as a senior advisor to President Moïse for a few months. Despite her busy schedules she managed to find time to pursue her studies and recently completed a Masters’s Degree in Political Communications and Campaign Management with the Center of Political Studies of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

A passionate entrepreneur and an innovative thinker, Christine thrives on challenges; she takes them on with her creativity, drive and natural sense of leadership. Christine is a serial entrepreneur who understands the key role that technology, marketing, communications and networking can play in changing the Haiti narrative. She is a great public speaker who is known for her positivity, tenacity and being solutions-oriented. She enjoys mentoring and regularly joins community oriented activities including fund-raising efforts where she leverages her network to help support important causes including: public health, education, youth projects, women’s advancement and community strengthening programs. Christine has recently launched Boss Lady Haiti which is a platform dedicated to improving women’s lives. She also offers money coaching as a side activity.

Christine holds a BA from Tufts University in Latin American Studies and Francophone Literature as well as an MBA from the University of Miami in International Business and Telecommunications Management.  When she’s not looking for new opportunities, Christine enjoys traveling the world alongside her husband and life partner Jimmy.