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Claude L. C. Mancuso

President, Ayiti TV

  • Assistant to director of “Go for broke:, American feature film filmed entirely in Haiti -1974
  • Graduate of MDC 1977 TV and Film major
  • Wrote and directed first Haitian feature film 1980: “A la mise pou Rodrig”
  • Founded Mancuso Productions in 1984 which became most prolific video production house until the late nineties.
  • Produced first Haitian music videos in 1984
  • Become Haiti Location Producer for CBS news from 1986 to 1995
  • Create first Haitian TV programs to air in South Florida-1988
  • Create and presided the Haitian filmmakers Association – 2000
  • Created first Creole language 24 hour TV station in USA on Comcast in 2003
  • Miami Vice The movie – Consultant for Haiti sequences – 2006
  • Created first Haitian digital broadcast TV station in USA in 2011

Fluent in French, Creole, English and Spanish