Claudia E. Grourdet

Founder, STEM Access For Girls

Claudia Gourdet is a recent Miami Dade College graduate, earning her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology. Born in Mirebalais, Haiti, Claudia spent the first eight years of her life with her mother, after which she was sent to live in Miami, Florida. Growing up in Haiti she was never exposed to STEM (Science, technology, engineering, art, and math) subjects and experiences; she often found herself exploring how things worked. When she came to Miami, she searched for opportunities to stay engaged and participated in numerous community organizations. Her interests in STEM sparked during her high school years. She participated in the Upward Bound Math & Science Program, in grades 9-12, where she engaged in hands-on STEM learning. She learned about the importance and opportunities for pursuing a STEM discipline.

While a freshman in college, Claudia founded STEM Access For Girls, a nonprofit organization that provides STEM service programs to girls and young women in developing countries and prepare them for personal, professional and economic success.

Her life experiences have taught her to truly seize opportunities when they arise and inspired her to act for causes she believes in.