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Dieula Previlon

Founder and Executive Director, ElevateHer International Ministries

Dieula Previlon is the founder and executive director of ElevateHer International Ministries where their vision is to empower women to heal from trauma. She is a Counselor/Life Coach, Pastor and preacher, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker. Her professional career in teaching, counseling, pastoring and international ministry, spans over 20 years.

Born in Gonaives, Haiti as the fourth daughter to a strong and resilient woman who barely had a third-grade education, Dieula’s career and ministry today stem from her parents’ sacrificial act of love of immigrating to the US.  They immigrated to the United States in the late 70s and she and her siblings later joined them in the late 80s.  Dieula has always felt a strong sense that the she was called to a career and ministry beyond the local Haitian community.  She left the Haitian community and went off to college at Rutgers University.  Soon after college, she became a middle school teacher as she concurrently volunteered in many church ministries; from youth, to choir and prayer.  She once again left the Haitian community to attend Dallas Theological Seminary with a master’s in counseling where she was propelled into a journey of finding and embracing her passion for empowering people through counseling, pastoring and nonprofit development.  She later joined staff at Irving Bible Church as the Mission’s Pastor and Director. She is currently the associate pastor at Redeemer Evangelical Covenant Church and a counselor in private practice. She currently lives in Carrollton, TX with her husband of 20 years and her three young adult sons.