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Emmarica Lassin

Second Year Entrepreneurship / Pre-med Student, Florida Sate University

Growing up as a young child in Haiti, health care was always an issue, due to the lack of economic and social resources. Many children, women, would pass away from common diseases that could have been cured over the counter medicine. Children and women were suffering tragically with health issues. I realize the difference between the haves and have-not become apparent. This humbling experience opens up my eyes at a very young age, the truth importance of health.I am now a devoted student with a goal to become a Doctor that specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology. This summer I will be traveling to Asoka, Ghana, where I will be working with an organization know as Patriot Ghana as a Public Health Coordinator. Everyone deserves equal access to health care, and I am willing to work hard to make that change in my lifetime.