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Erica Lopidas

Copy Writer, NAAHP


Erica Lopidas is a journalist specializing in environmental protection and climate change, holding a master’s degree from the University of Paris-Saclay. Born and raised in Haiti, she has been deeply affected by the environmental challenges facing her country and has actively engaged in the fight against climate change, a global crisis to which Haiti is particularly vulnerable.

With significant experience in administration, Erica has worked closely with the youth of her country. Convinced that investing in the education of the younger generation is crucial to triggering sustainable development in Haiti, she strives to support initiatives aimed at providing quality education to young Haitians.

Erica represented Haiti at the AOSIS training in 2023, where she gained expertise in international diplomacy, participating in important United Nations conferences on climate change, including COP28. These experiences have allowed her to contribute to crucial discussions on global climate issues.

Wishing to continue engaging with the Haitian community in the United States, Erica joined the NAAHP community. She now puts her skills at the service of the Haitian community, contributing to concrete actions aimed at strengthening ties among Haitians in the diaspora and working towards a more sustainable future for her home country.