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Honorable Eunice Zeigler

Council Member, East District of Methuen, MA

Eunice is a proud first-generation Haitian American woman, daughter, a wife, sister, and artist. Her parents Evelyn and Ed grew up and met in Delmas, a rural town in Port-au-Prince Haiti, before immigrating to the United states. Like most immigrant parents, Eunice’s instilled in her the tenants of hard work and perseverance. They started out working low wage service jobs in fast food and hotel maintenance and went on to become licensed nurses, all while raising three girls. Together, they taught Eunice the value of hard work and honesty, and the importance of lifting as we climb.

In 2010, Eunice went on to obtain her bachelors in Political Science followed by her Masters in Economic and Social Development in 2012. She continued her engagement work as a student leader and it was there that she met her husband, Jake, a fellow student leader at the time. Upon graduation she was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal for Student Service, the most prestigious award bestowed to a graduate who exemplifies service to the community that enhances student life. In her free time to organized on the front

Eunice has since dedicated her life to helping families secure affordable housing, overseeing self-sufficiency programs for individuals looking to expand opportunities for their families, and bringing financial resources to government agencies and nonprofits to serve those in need.

In 2017, Eunice answered the call to run for public office and has given her all to the seat. As a City Councilor she brought much needed resources to the City. She established the Economic Development Committee, founded the community wide Methuen Day celebration that yields over 5,000 participants each year, championed a diversity and inclusion policy for the City, and collaborated on grants to support small business owners and local artists. Having worked in the Community Development Department for the City of Haverhill and currently at the YWCA in Lawrence, Eunice has served in all three communities in our district and knows their character and needs firsthand.

As state senator, Eunice will bring more resources to the First Essex District and champion our rights to affordable housing, a high-quality education, reliable transportation and safe roads, jobs that pay a living wage, a clean environment, and the right to live with dignity.