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Fritz M. Clairvil, MBA, MPA

CEO, Vest Net Capital Holdings

President, SiMACT Foundation

Fritz M. Clairvil, MBA, MPA is known as serial entrepreneur. For nearly four decades, Fritz M. Clairvil has served as a CEO, diplomat, political strategist, and business advisor to several start-
up companies and as senior advisor to many national and international candidates for elected office. He is an entrepreneur who embodies the right ethos and culture.

He is a former Wall Street analyst who worked in Trusts & Investments. As you’d expect of a former Wall Street analyst, Clairvil is passionate about numbers and finance. He has a zeal for people and creating impact, those are the numbers he often says count the most. He is guided by the entrepreneurial spirit and compassion that he developed as a child in Leogane, Haiti.

Now a serial entrepreneur, he is the powerhouse behind Vest Net Capital Holdings, a unique firm focused on life-essential businesses with a diverse portfolio that includes Fintech company, EZ Transfer, mobile money transfer, Credit Union, Manufacturing, Agricultural Transformation, Energy, Mining, Logistics, Construction, Import & Export, Intermodal Transportation (Airlines, Maritime.) As acquisitions were made, he recognized the need to support and help other entrepreneurs through venture capital programs.

Clairvil is known for his giving whether it’s mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, providing consultation to scale up businesses, and supporting nonprofit organizations that promote democracy, justice, human rights, economic development, and inclusion. Clairvil serves as the SiMACT Foundation’s President, the philanthropic arm of Société Immobilière d’Agriculture, de Commerce et de Tourisme ( SiMACT ) a socially conscious private investment group active in Haiti for 20+ years. Among their investments include Cap Lamadou Hotel.

Fritz M. Clairvil is the recipient of many awards for his business acumen and civic engagement. Fritz has been honored with several US Congressional Awards, 100 Black Men of Distinction among the many citations received by government officials and Community based organizations. He has authored three books. He is the Founder of Haiti Pathway Forward, a nonprofit focused on Haitian American political activism and policy development in US to create a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Haiti.