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Gaelle Claude

Communication Culture and Media Student, Howard University

I can honestly say that writing an autobiography is often challenging. One has to find the balance between bragging and explaining who they are humbly. For me, I can honestly say that I knew who I was from a very young age. I have always been an artistic individual who has an interest in media, fashion and social justice and is heavily influenced by women. One of my earliest memories was reciting a poem at Liliput Kindergarten in Port-au-Prince. When I was 8 years old, I made a fashion magazine called “C’est Mon Style”. At twelve years old, I received my first digital camera and started scrapbooking. At the age of fifteen years old, I created a blogging site. During my undergraduate studies, I earned a minor in women’s studies. When I think about who I am as a person, I can attest that I have interest in a wide variety of subjects. One thing that has never changed is my passion for media and women.

Now at twenty seven years old, reflecting on my character development I can say that I have always been ambitious, curious and creative. I am a Haitian immigrant who comes from a lineage of women with challenging lives; thinking about my Haitian ancestors helped me break many generational curses. I aspire to make them proud by applying myself everyday to become the best version of myself. One of my greatest accomplishments is being in graduate school at one of the top schools in the country. As a first generation student, I have experienced many challenges but I applied myself until I saw the result I wanted. Being perseverant has also helped me become a self-taught artist. I must say that it is one of my greatest attributes.