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Georges Bossous, Jr.

Pursuing Doctorate in Public Health, Walden University

Georges graduated from Barry University with a Master of Science degree in Psychology. He also completed a three-year post-graduate training in the field of Infant Mental Health at the former Institute for Child and Family Health. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Public Health with concentration in Epidemiology from Walden University. He hopes to utilize his degrees in the public health sector leading research in child abuse as it relates to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

In September 2009 he founded the humanitarian organization “Words and Actions, Inc.” and in October 2011, a Haiti based sister organization under the name, “Word and Actions for Haiti/Parole et Action Pour Haiti.” These organizations aim to reduce the occurrence of child sexual abuse in the U.S. and Haiti.

During the 2016 elections, Georges took a three-month-leave of absence from his regular job and joined the Florida Democratic Party and later MoveOn.org as a field campaign organizer. He was able to hear the concerns of everyday people and developed a better understanding of the many challenging issues they face. In May 2016 Georges was named Vice-Chair of the Senate District 38 Health Task Force overseeing the foreign affairs committee.

In September 2019 Georges launched his political career as a candidate for Florida State Representative, District 108. Standing by his slogan “Let’s Break the Cycle” and with the support of his constituents, he hopes to break the cycle of DIP, which stands for Division, Injustice and Poverty. “If allowed, this cycle will leave the community vulnerable, as a house divided cannot stand,” Georges stated. He believes that the strength found in unity will enable us all to effectively fight against all forms of social injustice, including a lack of health care, housing, environmental declines, lack of education, equal rights and equal pay, public safety, gun control, child sexual abuse and human trafficking.”

Georges enters the race with a strong record of standing up for victims of domestic and sexual abuse and fighting for families with major financial and health challenges. As a community leader and advocate for the most vulnerable, Georges has learned a great deal about what makes the community strong and what action is needed to address our most pressing issues.

“I am running for Florida State House of Representatives because I have the experience necessary to bring real solutions to the constituents of District 108, including supporting the victims of child sexual abuse and human trafficking, improve the affordability and accessibility of health care services, and pushing for comprehensive immigration reform.”

While working as a psychotherapist, Georges has witnessed not only the mental health challenges that our community members face, but also the financial struggles of countless families who fight to make ends meet. He has worked with many families of children who faced major health problems but could not afford to see a doctor because of their immigration status. Some have faced domestic and sexual violence but were forced to stay quiet due to fear of being deported.

The story of a fourteen-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her seventy-year-old stepfather compelled Georges to create a nonprofit organization, Word and Action Inc. (W&A), which aims to reduce child sexual abuse in our community. This organization has given him the privilege to work with child victims of sexual abuse for more than ten years. His experience at W&A has made it even more evident to me that tackling the issues of child sexual abuse and human trafficking are vital

These concerns inspired him to take a leave of absence from his regular job to work with the Florida Democratic Party as a community organizer. That experience has enabled him to work even more closely with community members and learn about their daily struggles and challenges. Altogether “these experiences make me uniquely qualified to serve our community in public office and have led me to answer the call of so many neighbors and friends to run for Florida State Representative in District 108,” Georges concluded.