Georges Bossous, Jr.

Executive Director, Word and Action

Ph.D. Candidate in Public Health

Mr. Georges  Bossous, Jr. is  a Ph.D. candidate in Public Health. He is a graduate of Barry University with a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology. He went through a 3-year- specialization (post graduate) in “Infant Mental Health” at the “Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc., formerly known as the “Children Psychiatric Center.”

For more than 10 years, Mr. Bossous has been working as a Psychotherapist/ Clinician. As a Developmental Specialist  and Trainer,  he provides psychological intervention for children from 0-5 years old and trainings for teachers and parents.

As a community leader, Bossous has been invited as a special guest and co-host on numerous radios and TV shows addressing social, political, and mental health issues. He is the creator and host of the radio segments (i.e., Family Corner and Opinion), which broadcast on two community radios in New Your and Miami. He is an active public speaker and a child advocate. For many years Bossous he has been tackling issues such as: Child sexual abuse, human trafficking, parenting, cultural identity, and juvenile delinquency. He wrote and published several articles related to social and political issues. For four years, Bossous was based at the United Nations Headquarters in New York where he worked as a distribution manager for an Environmental Newspaper titled “The Earth Times.” While working there, he was recognized as one of the contributors of a book, “All of US” published by the owner and publisher of The Earth Times, Prenay Gupte.

Bossous has recently worked with the Florida Democratic Party and later on with MoveOn.org as a Field and Political Campaign Organizer. This experience allows him to have a closer encounter with real people and develop a better understanding of the issues related to his community.

In addition, Bossous has held numbers of international trainings and conferences in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Bossous is a former Vice-Chair for the Florida Senate District 38 Health Task Force. He is the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, Word and Action, Inc., which deals with prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.