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Helene Montoban

Compliance Officer, Republic Bank of Haiti

My name is Helene Montoban I work with the Republic bank of Haiti (Central Bank) since 2015 as a compliance officer we supervise reviewing the Cooperatives policies and advising management on possible risks while meeting its business goals. The objective of my department is to ensure, identify and manage the regulatory risk and provide internal controls that adequately measure and manage the risks it faces.

I studied management information systems at the university college of the Caribbean in Jamaica where I obtain an associate degree. I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in sciences administration and economics at the university Quiskeya (Haiti)

In the future I would like to have a master’s in health administration which I believe can be a great asset for the Haitian community especially my town in Fond- des- negres (Duverger)

I also started my online store 3 years ago where I sell beauty products and hair extensions

I also started a non-profit organization where we help young people to improve the lives of children in Haiti Access to life-changing benefits through empowerment initiatives and education programs focused on giving children the support and tools they need to be healthy, stay in school, graduate and create a lasting change in their community

I worked with the Salvation Army at the camp keystone in 2014 as a counselor we had more than hundreds of young people where we inspired and made difference in their lives.