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Isabelle Edouard

First Year College Student

My parents were born in Haiti but moved to America after getting married and had me and my three siblings. They had big dreams for themselves but didn’t achieve them. This led to my mother being a stay-at-home mom, and my father working as a part-time janitor which did not make him enough money to support the whole family. Sometimes I feel that life would have been easier for my family if we were more well off, but I have realized through my experiences that being less fortunate has allowed me to gain gratitude for what I already have and made me more excited about what I will achieve in the future.

I use to have no idea what I wanted to do as my future career until I asked myself this one question. What am I good at? After I pondered on this for a while I finally realized that I’m an excellent helper. I enjoy supporting people even with the little things. When it comes to giving a helping hand in school or at home I’m first in line. I feel that helping others not only gives me a sense of achievement but also gives me joy and enhances my self esteem.

And I also want to have a big impact on society and leave an imprint. I want to be a social worker. And getting this scholarship will bring me closer to that dream. Being a social worker is very important to me because I want to support people in society that feel that we have lost interest in their needs. I want to show them that help is available even when they feel helpless. I feel that there are many people in this country and on this globe that need a social worker at this moment. As a social worker, I believe I can pick them up and bring them back on their feet or support them through whatever hardships they are going through. I feel that being a social worker is not only a career, it’s a dedication to support and protect.